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"Government should protect access to safe and legal reproductive care and leave decisions about when and how to start or grow a family to Floridians and those they trust," -- Jim Blue, Candidate for Dist. 76 FL House

Tallahassee Republicans authored one of the nation's most extreme bans on abortion. In doing so, they voted against the 76th District to block local Floridians from making critical choices for themselves and their families. Governor DeSantis knew it was so extreme that he signed the bill in the middle of the night and left to fundraise for his presidential campaign.  DeSantis knew the ban was brutally restrictive and unpopular. Polling shows 56% of Floridians oppose the state’s 6-week abortion ban.

We all deserve the freedom to make private health care decisions without interference from politicians, including when it comes to abortion care. 

I support the ballot initiative to guarantee Florida women the right to make their own choices on reproductive care. 

Kay Blue and Jim Blue

"We want safe, secure, and affordable housing. We want safe schools for our children where they can learn America's true history. We want the full range of reproductive health care. And we want to keep our beautiful environment safe from those who would spoil it. We deserve leaders who put protecting our freedoms first. And we reject Tallahassee's power grab," -- Jim Blue, Candidate for Dist. 76 FL House


The core of my campaign is local power. Local communities know what they need. Tallahassee doesn’t. 


Tallahassee lawmakers are now making decisions on local development and regulations in every part of the state. Lawmakers have been bought by large campaign contributors with no accountability to anyone but lobbyists. During the past legislative session, 60 bills were introduced to erode local power. Now, any developer can sue any local government over any action that might impact the developer financially. 


In the past session, lawmakers empowered developers to demolish structures in historic districts like Punta Gorda’s. Local governments would have had no say in the process.

If you think your local council members and your local commissioners should be in control – if you think Tallahassee legislators should stay out of local matters – vote for me, Jim Blue, and Protect Local Power!


"Spend a day at the beach or fishing in Charlotte Harbor and you'll see our environment is under threat. Red tide, blue-green algae, and seagrass degradation are robbing us of the paradise we prize. Tallahassee lawmakers are making the problems worse," -- Jim Blue, Candidate for Dist. 76 FL House

Boy and grandfather fishing

Tallahassee lawmakers blocked local bans on fertilizer use, one of the most effective tools local governments have to protect water quality in their communities in the face of red tide and blue-green algae outbreaks. It's another example of threats to Local Power.


"Whether you are a homeowner or renter, housing costs in Florida continue to skyrocket. This session focused on developers and insurance companies rather than those dealing with these increases," -- Jim Blue, Candidate for Dist. 76 FL House

Couple admire home

Since 2019, property insurance rates in Florida have more than doubled, with homeowners in our state now paying three times the national average for property insurance.   Legislative action has focused on aiding the industry instead of policyholders.


Last year, Floridians saw a seventeen-percent increase in their utility bills. Utility rates continue to climb, with another hike of as much as 50-60 percent expected this summer.


Rent increases in Florida led the nation. As a result, Florida is unaffordable for Floridians.


"Everyday Floridians are good people who do their jobs and follow the law. But elitist politicians in Tallahassee think they are above the law. Politicians in Tallahassee need to do their jobs and follow the rules just like the rest of us," -- Jim Blue, Candidate for Dist. 76 FL 


Floridians don't want wealthy parents to get vouchers so their kid's private schools are paid for. They know that this tuition welfare for the wealthy diverts funds from public education.
Floridians stand united for raising teacher pay and public 
education spending (59% say both are very important for their legislator to support). They agree that debates over CRT and "Don't Say Gay" are unimportant.


There is nothing free about allowing the bullying of LGBTQ+ kids, whitewashing Black history, and demonizing the educators who work hard every day to ensure our children get a safe and
honest education.

Floridians trust people close to them over politicians.

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