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Jim Blue will start work on his very first day restoring local power

Solar Panels on Rooftop

Save on Power

Local Power can have at least two meanings. In his plan, Jim Blue will also work with low and middle-income neighborhoods in the 76th District to purchase and install rooftop solar power at reduced or no cost. Jim installed rooftop solar on his own home and promptly cut his power bill to $30/month. Power companies have tried to eliminate net metering in Florida. Jim will submit a bill to make net metering permanent for all Floridians who install rooftop solar. He'll submit another bill to establish solar co-ops in every community to cut the installation costs.

Protect Local Power

Jim Blue will propose a Local Power Bill of Rights to protect communities from Tallahassee's power grab permanently. Home Rule is under attack. Let's stop the enemies of local power with a constitutional amendment.

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